What we do

  • Provide an outsourced surgery platform that partners with DSO’s
  • Provide a digital handshake to surgical patients in advance of appointments
  • Preoperatively evaluate medical risk for ambulatory anesthesia
  • Supply trained OMS and in office General Anesthesia teams and equipment
  • Deliver on site oral surgical services in a dental practice
  • Manage anesthesia and resuscitation equipment
  • Supply and manage the controlled substance program and DEA’s
  • Utilize a cloud based oral surgery and anesthesia record for patients
  • Compile applied analytics to optimize work flow, patient satisfaction, patient safety and lower costs

Why OMS Logistics?

As an innovative leader in dental surgery and anesthesia technology, OMS Logistics, a specialty focused DSO, has the ability to rapidly deploy experienced surgical teams to your practice. Large dental practices across the country can greatly benefit from our turnkey mobile ambulatory anesthesia and surgical services. We are the ideal partners for dental practices that do not have the manpower or resources to provide a needed surgical procedure. We can provide you with the staff, equipment, and other resources needed to successfully carry out surgical procedures in your own dental practice.

We Care About You!

OMS Logistics provides top-of-the-line care and treatment to every patient that walks into any of the dental facilities that employ our services. With over 15 years of experience in the mobile business, we have the ability to coordinate oral surgical teams to provide direct patient care at any of the partnered facilities.

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Our Unmatched Experience

OMS Logistics is known for utilizing its unique expertise in providing support to large robust professionally managed dental practices that desire to add specialty care. Anesthesia safety, oral surgical competency, electronic health records, and the ability to recruit rapid and experienced oral surgical teams are some of the reasons why dental practices prefer to partner up with us.


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