• Provide an outsourced surgery platform that partners with DSO’s
  • Provide a digital handshake to surgical patients in advance of appointments
  • Preoperatively evaluate medical risk for ambulatory anesthesia
  • Supply trained OMS and in office General Anesthesia teams and equipment
  • Deliver on site oral surgical services in a dental practice
  • Manage anesthesia and resuscitation equipment
  • Supply and manage the controlled substance program and DEA’s
  • Utilize a cloud based oral surgery and anesthesia record for patients
  • Compile applied analytics to optimize work flow, patient satisfaction, patient safety and lower costs

OMSL has a long history of providing general anesthesia in the dental offices. Recent changes in the medical anesthesia practice have led OMS to incorporate new safety standards into their cloud-based electronic anesthesia records. OMSL is a pioneer in the development of a proprietary web based anesthesia record for surgical practices. This incorporates all of the current safety standards and allows the exporting of critical information to national safety registers. Common outcome reports include:

  • Length of Surgery
  • Length of Anesthesia
  • Verification of OR and Anesthesia Safety Checks
  • Scheduling Inefficiencies
  • Post-Op Care Management
  • Measurement of Adverse Anesthesia Outcomes
  • Hospital Transfers
  • Medication Reconciliation for Controlled Substances